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Social Demands


Veracel also considers requests for support or sponsorship in the communities where it operates through institutions and representatives of government, in short-term actions.

The focus is not visibility, but merit, relevance and comprehensiveness of social reach.

The consideration of such Social Demands depends on the availability of resources and its consistency with the strategic objectives of the Sustainability Agenda, by prioritizing matters in Health, Education and Traditional Culture, Income Generation, and Environment. Priority is also given to requests by municipalities where the company operates.

Basic information can ensure more adroitness by Veracel in considering the request by the community, because even when the answer is negative, the speed of return is critical for the institutions that refer to Veracel.

In line with this, for a more timely assessment, the document formalizing the request should contain:

1- name of the institution and contact person
2 – Electronic address and telephone or physical address
3 – Objective proposal on the contribution/participation by Veracel (costs, budgets, quotas, etc.)

The opportunities that are materialized in this process are able to strengthen the relationship of the company with the community. However, the solutions which are more consistent and demand more energy on the part of the company are those in the long run, with a basic premise of contributing to life quality improvement of the benefited people.

For additional clarification on the Social Demands process, Talk to Us .

Social Demands figures in 2009: 347 received, 131 approved, in 14 municipalities and 14 districts

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