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Forestry operations at Veracel are developed to promote the most effective techniques for eucalyptus cultivation, with the best usage of soil and natural resources. The company aims at working to ensure environmental care and safety of employees and nearby communities. The company’s forestry planning considers current and future demands for wood production to manufacture pulp . Planting is not performed where the following conditions are identified:

- Native vegetation with primary forests or in medium or advanced stages of regeneration;

- In areas exceeding the total percentage licensed per municipality for own plantation, that is, 15% of the total of effectively planted area in coastal municipalities, and 20% in the others;

- In a 10-km-wide buffer zone from the seashore, in order to preserve the natural characteristics of the Discovery Coast, in respect to areas of Permanent Preservation, Legal Reserve and Conservation Units.

Forestry Process Cycle

Understand the forestry process, which starts with the production of eucalyptus cuttings and ends in the transportation of harvested wood

Management Plan

The Veracel’s Integrated Management Plan synthesizes the procedures seeking to ensure productivity, environmental protection and people safety

Soil Usage

See an infographic with the division of preservation areas, native forest, and eucalyptus plantation at Veracel

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