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Veracel’s implementation was the largest private investment made in Brazil over the last few years. The total resources, to the tune of US$ 1.2 billion, include formation and maintenance of eucalyptus plantations , proper infrastructure, and construction of the mill. The project execution relied on the international expertise and technological knowledge of shareholders Fibria and Stora Enso.

At the mill, the industrial process starts with receipt of wood extracted from the forestry process . The wood is chipped and submitted to a physical-chemical process in a digester. Chips are cooked in white liquor, a substance formed by caustic soda and sodium sulphide. White liquor separates the pulp from lignin – a glue-type substance that keeps the fibers together in the tree trunk.

Operations follow the continuous production process, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, only interrupted for scheduled preventive maintenance works once a year, during ten days, known as General Shutdown.

The wood usage rate at Veracel is high. After it is associated with cooking chemicals, lignin is then known as black liquor, which is burned and turned into electric energy . The energy supplies the entire demand of the Mill.

After separate from lignin, pulp becomes the raw material in the manufacturing of printing and writing paper, special papers, tissues, disposable diapers, sanitary paper, and a myriad of other industrial uses for pulp.

Pulp Production

Veracel works towards producing pulp fiber 100% certified, therefore respecting the environment and the nearby communities.

Marine Operations

The pulp produced by Veracel is shipped through a special navigation system, by barges, known as coastal navigation

Industrial Process Cycle

Understand the process to turn eucalyptus wood into pulp

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