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Wood Supply

The success in the harvest that supplies Veracel operations depends on a number of factors influencing it. It is necessary to know the right time and place to cut wood, the history of climate conditions, roads, type of soil, distribution of teams in harvesting areas, logistics of supply, safety and environmental care, among others, with make a difference in the company’s pulp production.

The operational activities are organized to supply the mill with wood to be used in pulp production. For this purpose, the company seeks to constantly improve harvesting processes, transportation and road infrastructure, as well as determining the distribution of the labor force in the plantation areas.

To determine the best strategy to meet the industrial process, it is necessary to take into consideration road conditions, average distance from planted areas to the mill, the forest age, the wood basic density, the time the wood will stay in the area after felling, climate conditions, and other variables which might affect the production process and costs.

To optimize wood supply to the mill, road recovery and construction works are performed, based on harvest planning. During harvesting and wood transportation, there is continuous road maintenance, in order to reduce travel times and ensure safety in the process of mill supply.

Road construction also benefits the communities and rural properties located around the harvesting projects, as it improves conditions for their produce shipment and for school transportation, in addition to improving road safety.

- A harvester operator cuts average 75 trees per hour, 490 a day
- Wood is harvested in 6-meter long logs
- Wood that does not meet the specifications for the mill is used to generate energy at the mill
- A forwarder operator piles up about 260 cubic m of wood a day
- Eucalyptus bark, leaves and branches are left on the field for soil nutrition and to prevent erosion
- The average age for wood cutting is seven years


Considered one of the most advanced industries in the world, its production is continuous, 24 hours a day

Forestry Process Cycle

Understand the forestry process, which starts with the production of eucalyptus cuttings and ends in the transportation of harvested wood

Marine Operations

The pulp produced by Veracel is shipped through a special navigation system, by barges, known as coastal navigation

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