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Management Plan

The forest area management includes care about native flora and fauna preservation for them to coexist with eucalyptus plantation.

Veracel has adopted the concept of mosaic landscape . In this system, eucalyptus is cultivated preferably in plateaus , with slopes and bottoms of valleys reserved for recovery and preservation of Atlantic Forest remnants. This process allows for interconnecting several Atlantic Forest segments, thus promoting biodiversity preservation.

Planting is entirely made with eucalyptus clones obtained from breeding Eucalyptus grandis and Eucalyptus urophylla species. Harvesting is totally mechanized, made carefully to minimize environmental impact. Trees are cut by mechanical harvesters and transportation in the planting fields is made by forwarders.

Management care includes:

- Protection against felling cultivated trees over preserved areas next to planting fields;
- Retention on the field of leaves, small branches and bark after harvesting, to protect and improve the physical and nutritional characteristics of the soil;
- Washing machinery and equipment in flat areas, distant from springs and preservation areas;
- Handling and disposition of solid and liquid waste produced by equipment operation and maintenance, in order to avoid soil and water contamination;
- Minimal soil cultivation.

Veracel operates according to an Integrated Management Plan, which synthesizes the programs, actions and procedures adopted by Veracel in the company’s Forest Management process. The aim is to ensure productivity, environmental protection and people safety.
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