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In the technological area, the research and experimental work at Veracel is developed to promote the continuous improvement of the forest productivity.

The company operates within the multidisciplinary context, including partners, and the following major axes:

Genetic Improvement

Veracel does not make use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). For planting, it uses only selected eucalyptus clones obtained from breeding species originated in tropical climate regions.

Forest Management and Protection

The Veracel’s Forest Management Plan, based on a sustainable vision, is aimed at reducing environmental impact on the plantation regions. The company is committed not to perform commercial planting in Atlantic Forest fragments converted after November 1994, making use only of lands already explored by any other activity, according to orthophoto maps of that time.

Eucalyptus Nutrition and Biotechnology

The Veracel’s Forestry Biotechnology Program serves the fundamental demand of the enterprise that is to improve wood quality for pulp production.

The Veracel’s Integrated Management Plan synthesizes the procedures seeking to ensure productivity, environmental protection and people safety

Monitoring of forest and industrial activities is an important tool used by Veracel to assess the conservation status of the fauna, flora, underground water, and soil and air quality

Soil Usage

See an infographic with the division of preservation areas, native forest, and eucalyptus plantation at Veracel

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