Marine Operations


Belmonte Marine Terminal
The Veracel’s pulp production is shipped by barge, along the coast , from the Belmonte Marine Terminal (TMB), built in 2001. The product is taken to Portocel , in Espírito Santo, where it is exported.

The marine transportation system has materialized the company’s concern about sustainability and the future generations, as each trip by barge eliminates 384 trips by truck from the BR-101 highway, in addition to reducing fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The Belmonte Marine Terminal has buildings for warehouses, support, and the system for berthing and waiting for barges. A tugboat and three barges operate in a relay system that allows for carrying up to 1,150,000 tons of pulp a year.
Marine Transportation in Figures
- 60 km from the mill
- 7,122 adp/barge
- 375 truck trips removed from BR-101 each 48 hours

More on Veracel’s logistics
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