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Forest Producer


Aimed at encouraging the participation of rural producers from the region in the forestry business and foster wood production in rural properties in the Far South of Bahia, Veracel implemented the Forestry Producer Program (PPF) in 2003.

PPF makes eucalyptus wood production viable in the land of producers, generating a new source of income to them by acquiring the wood they produce. Veracel finances the cost of all forestry operations, transfers all the technology it has developed and ensures the required technical assistance to implement and maintain the projects.

The first wood produced in PPF lands will be received in 2011. For this purpose, the company requires a proof that the property complies with the existing laws. In addition, PPF encourages the partnering producers to recover natural areas by donating seedlings of native species.
In addition to guaranteed acquisition of 97% of the wood produced, producers are entitled to sell the remaining 3% to the market, as firewood, timber for sawmills, fence posts, stakes, charcoal and other purposes, therefore increasing the usage of reforested wood according to certification standards and reducing consumption of native wood.

For additional information on Veracel’s Forestry Producer Program, please contact us by telephone (73) 3166-1516.
Veracel has been following a trend of the global market right from its first years in business: certification from the National Program for Forest Certification (Cerflor) and Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). The certification aims at guaranteeing to final users the origin and proper forest management conditions of the wood to produce pulp and that, later, will reach the market in the form of notebooks, magazines, books, tissues, diapers, electronic components, medicine capsules, food thickener, and a number of other products that use pulp in their composition.

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Veracel is the result of a partnership between two international leaders in the pulp and paper sector, producing, since 2005, certified and highly qualified pulp fiber

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