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Organizational Climate

Aimed at assessing, collectively, the satisfaction level of the employees regarding aspects of the organizational environment and the way they interact, Veracel periodically invests in climate survey, which is an important tool for strategic planning in people management.

Carried out once every two years, the cycle of 2009 appointed that Veracel is a company that provides above-average conditions for employees to put their entire professional talent into practice, be them in equipment and resources, in safety conditions, and in environmental care. In addition to these factors, the perception that the company is aware of the changes in the economy, market and technology contributes for 83% of its employees to be proud of being a part in the company.

Career Mapping

At Veracel, employees are aware of the career possibilities available, through trail mapping for each position, guiding them to seek the knowledge, skills and attitudes according to their aspirations for professional climbing. Together with the process for Performance Evaluation and Individual Development Plan, it contributes for retaining professionals, for their continuous development and increasing their qualification, and for professional growth at the company.

The application of these programs has been allowing the company to stimulate and recognize differentiated performances, by discovering new talent, thus resulting in the high rate of promotion and movement through the Internal Recruitment practice.

Performance Evaluation

“More than an important tool for people management, the performance evaluation contributes to develop people”, stresses Sergio Alipio, Veracel’s CEO, while speaking on the performance evaluation process. For the CEO, “this tool provides deeper knowledge about ourselves, our competencies, skills and performance in carrying out our activities. It is an opportunity for us to have a more comprehensive, yet detailed view of our performance. With it, we are in search of a more assertive professional development”. It is under such an understanding that the performance evaluation has been planned.

Caring about the career is an indispensible factor for those seeking professional development. This implies in planning the future and making conscious choices.

“People are responsible for management of their own careers. Having a sustainable view of their professional career means taking a look at the future with a broader view, making use of the opportunities for professional development. Knowing their strengths and improvement opportunities and receiving guidance on the possibilities for advancement are important contributions in this process of professional career management. Thinking sustainability in professional development is all about this”, explains HR manager Cláudia Souza.

Individual Development Plan

Based on situations identified in the Performance Evaluation, the stage of planning the professional development is essential for the actions proposed – being improvement or refinement – to be sustainable for the career of each employee. Therefore, this tool is updated on a yearly basis, through advisory meetings held between employees and managers, by mapping activities, lead times and responsibilities of those involved.


Programs to protect the native forest, projects for research and environmental education developed in the region where Veracel operates


Veracel supports projects for incentive to children education and indigenous communities

Income Generation

Local communities get closer to Veracel through income generation programs

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