Local Procurement

Generating a positive economic impact in the region of the far south of Bahia is one of the objectives of Veracel, which prioritizes, ever since its start of operations, the procurement of products, materials and services in the region where it operates.

In 2008, 79% of the acquisitions of products and services were made in the state of Bahia. About 49% of the total was made in the region of the ten municipalities where the company has operations.

In 2009, this volume was smaller because Veracel had to import equipment, thus impacting the percentage of procurement made in the state and region.

Even though, Bahia still represented 59% of the acquisitions of products and services (35% of total in the nearby municipalities).

Between 2008 and 2009, Veracel invested over R$ 670 million in hiring local services, and over R$ 1.5 billion in local procurement, still generating local tax collection in these operations.

Figures 2009 (in million Reais)
Procurement in the state of Bahia: 269.59
Procurement in the 10 municipalities: 159.44
Services locally contracted: 312.67
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