Veracel in Figures

Get to know a little more about Veracel through its figures*.

- 8th in gross revenues among the 10 Brazilian companies in the pulp and paper sector
- 13th among the 50 largest agribusiness companies of Northeast
- 54th among the 100 largest companies of North and Northeast
- 100th in agribusiness among the 400 largest companies in Brazil
- 488th in sales among the 500 largest companies in Brazil

Number of visitors*:
1,574 to the Mill and 3,876 to the Veracel Station


Total investment in community activities:
R$ 10,910,493.00

Education Support Program:
6,400 students benefited in 3 municipalities, 5 districts, 6 schools involved.

Veracel Environmental Education Program (PEAV):
4,320 thousand students benefited in 2 municipalities, 10 districts, involving 200 teachers from 40 schools.

Health Support Program:
Benefited 188 thousand people in 5 municipalities.

Dialogue with Communities Program:
15 meetings were held, and 12 communities were visited.

Dialogue with Traditional Communities:
Relationship with 17 communities. 17 tours were organized to the Mill and Veracel Station, for a total of 180 visitors.

Social Demands:
347 received, 131 approved, in 14 municipalities and 14 districts


Courses held:
Technician in Pulp and Forest Machinery Operator: 135 graduates

Direct jobs:
695 own employees and 2,445 permanent partners

1,401 hectares of planted area, 10 producers benefited, total planted area of 20,409 hectares, 104 producers benefited

- Control of air emissions, with 99.5% efficiency in the retention of solid particulates suspended in the air;
- Self-sufficient in electric energy generation (900,000 MWh/year), enough to supply a city with 400 thousand inhabitants);
- Low water consumption (29 cubic m/ton) and low effluent generation (25 cubic m/ton, respectively)
- Treatment of solid waste, with 85% recycling rate

- Pulp production: 1,046,521 tons/year **
- Daily average pulp production: 2,948 tons
- Prime quality rate (first class product): 98.9%
- Daily record of prime quality: 100%
- Total produced since the mill start of operations: 4,643,887 tons

- Volume of pulp shipped: 937,558 tons/year
- Average volume transferred per barge: 6,335.5 tons

- Investments (industrial, forest, and corporate area / in million reais): 152.74
- Financial | Payroll*** (own employees in million reais): 44.15
- Local service contracting (in million reais): 312.67
- Taxes (in million reais):

Federal: 37
State: 8.2
Municipal: 11.1
Social Security: 24.5
Payroll taxes: 3,4

- Procurement in the 10 municipalities of operation (in million reais): 159.44
- Procurement in the State of Bahia (in million reais): 269.59
- Tax on Services (ISS) per municipality (in the 10 municipalities of operation):

Belmonte: 1,607,189
Cabrália: 642,240
Canavieiras: 1,933
Eunápolis: 7,551,792
Guaratinga: 149,196
Itabela: 259,692
Itagimirim: 298,480
Itapebi: 110,836
Mascote: 31,386
Porto Seguro: 337,692
Total: 10,990,436.00

* Values in 2009
** Air-dried tons of pulp
*** Fixed and variable remuneration

Distribution of Taxes

Get to know the figures on taxes paid by Veracel, in municipal, state and federal spheres

About Veracel

Veracel is the result of a partnership between two international leaders in the pulp and paper sector, producing, since 2005, certified and highly qualified pulp fiber

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