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Veracel is the result of the combined technological expertise from two leading companies in the pulp and paper industry: Fibria – the world’s largest producer of market short-fiber pulp – and Stora Enso, the world’s largest paper and cardboard producer.

The mill engineering project was designed in 3D and process simulators were used to test its operations even before the construction was started. In addition to detecting possible defects, the system allowed to train operators and maintenance teams in programs identical to those used in the mill, months before the start of operations.

High level technology was employed to keep the equipment under control. Most controls respond in real time, with apparatuses to measure the process instantly, providing information relative to the pulp whiteness and specific weight, for instance.

The concern about the quality of the final product starts from the forest formation and goes through final product shipment. The practical measures taken by Veracel to ensure quality are:

- The process of forest formation follows strict standards in the selection of the most appropriate clones to meet the quality target of the final product;

- The wood supply process to the mill is planned to meet an homogeneous mix of wood quality;

- Each stage in the pulp production process has performance indicators that contribute to meet the established prime quality target.

- Technical Control continually supervises/ monitors the product quality, supplying accurate, continuous information to the operating areas, so as to allow timely actions for process adjustment;

- Veracel has a process information management system (PIMS) to assist in the process control and product quality monitoring;

- The transportation logistics process was designed to keep the quality of the pulp bales up to the final customer shipment.

Periodical meetings are scheduled to present the shareholders plans for process improvement as well as the results achieved in product quality. Prime quality product results, above 99%, evidence the effectiveness of the performed actions to control the process.


Considered one of the most advanced industries in the world, its production is continuous, 24 hours a day

About Veracel

Veracel is the result of a partnership between two international leaders in the pulp and paper sector, producing, since 2005, certified and highly qualified pulp fiber


Programs to protect the native forest, projects for research and environmental education developed in the region where Veracel operates

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