For us, growing sustainably means contributing to a better environment for everyone. We count on our employees as transformation agents. They are the people who help us produce pulp and improve the lives of thousands of families on the Costa do Descobrimento region in Bahia.

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Sustainable way

We are Veracel Celulose. We produce pulp from eucalyptus fiber sustainably. We operate in 11 municipalities on the Discovery Coast regions in the extreme south of Bahia.

How is it like to work at veracel celulose? Testimonieal of those who share our purpose

Eu não estava na empresa ainda quando minha esposa teve gestação de gêmeos, e pra mim foi uma benção de deus entrar na Veracel, fazer parte do quadro de funcionários, com todos esses benefícios que recebo por aqui, isso não tem explicação na minha vida.”

Luzinaldo Caldeira da Cruz

Monitor de Viveiro I

O momento mais especial para mim nesses 12 anos de empresa foi quando em 2019 teve a internalização da equipe, almejada a muito tempo por todos. Eu percebo que cada vez mais a gestão da empresa está próxima de suas equipes, proporcionando aos colaboradores uma melhoria contínua, até mesmo na sua vida dentro da empresa, almejando novos cargos e com possibilidade de crescer ainda mais na Veracel.”

Maria Regina Oliveira Damascena

Analista Ambiental Jr

Entrei na Veracel com 19 anos, na Produção de Mudas e depois tive a oportunidade de ir para a área de Planejamento Florestal. Tive muito incentivo para buscar minha Graduação em Agronomia. Em 2022, mudei para a área de Pesquisas, que vem contribuindo bastante para minha carreira. Eu vejo essa, como uma história bem especial na minha vida, onde eu tinha contrato de 1 ano e agora acabo de completar 6 anos."

Paulino Marques de Brito Neto

Auxiliar de Pesquisa Florestal I

Entrei na empresa em 2006, como traine, depois de me formar como Técnica de Celulose, primeiro curso específico da região promovido pela Veracel. Com isso, fui a primeira mulher a ser Operadora de Área de Caldeira e Recuperação Química do Brasil. Além de todo incentivo que a empresa oferece, o clima organizacional é muito bacana e um fato marcante.”

Luciana Pereira Cardoso

Operadora de Área II Caldeira de Recuperação

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I didn't work at Veracel yet when my wife got pregnant with twins. For me, joining Veracel and being part of the staff has been a blessing, with all benefits I have here. This is inexplicable in my life.”

Luzinaldo Caldeira da Cruz

Seeding Nursery Monitor I

The most special moment for me during 12 years working that i have worked at Veracel was in 2019, when the team was internalized, something that everyone had wanted for a long time. I realize that the company's management is increasingly close to the teams, providing employees with continuous improvement opportunities, even in their lives inside the company, aiming for new positions and chances of growing even more at Veracel.”

Maria Regina Oliveira Damascena

Junior Environmental Analyst I'

I joined Veracel at the age of 19, in Seedling Production area and then I had the opportunity to move to the Forestry Planning department. I was strongly encouraged to pursue my Agronomy Degree. In 2022, I moved to the Research area, which has been contributing a lot to my career. I see this as a very special story in my life. Initially, my job contract was planned for only one year, but I have just completed 6 years here."

Paulino Marques de Brito Neto

Forest Research Assistant I

I joined Veracel in 2006, as a trainee, after completing a Pulp Technician course, the first specific course in the region promoted by the company. I am the first woman to become an operator in the Boiler and Chemical Recovery area in Brazil. In addition to the full incentive that the company provides me, the organizational climate is very nice and a remarkable point.”

Luciana Pereira Cardoso

Operator of Recovery Boiler Area II

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Why Veracel cellulose is a great company to

work for

We are always in search of new talents that adopt our purpose: of being responsible, valuing life and inspiring people. And they come from many places and all kinds of backgrounds. This mix makes the difference!

For the third consecutive year, we received the Great Place to Work (GPTW) seal. We are listed in the ranking of the best companies to work for in Bahia and one of the 15 best ones in Brazilian agribusiness.

For each area, we define work models to allow our employees to have higher productivity and higher quality of life, including face-to-face, hybrid and remote patterns of working.

We invest in our employees’ professional development based on continuous qualification courses and training programs.



and third parties




young apprentices


Veracel Celulose reaffirms its commitment with diversity and inclusion based on forums and pacts to which it is a signatory.



From selecting the best shoots in the seedling nursery to planting and maintaining the eucalyptus forests and to harvesting with the forestry machine operators and the logistics to the factory where the pulp sheet production process begins to finally reach the maritime terminal for export – throughout the pulp production chain, there are several opportunities to build your professional career at Veracel Celulose.


Our forestry operations aim to supply the factory with eucalyptus wood in a sustainable, low-cost, high quality way. Our more than 87,000 hectares of planted trees comply with international management standards which guarantee reliability of our pulp. We have a formal commitment to comply with CERFLOR Principles and Criteria – National Forest Certification System and Forest Stewardship Council®  FSC® C017612 forest management certification.


From the entry of wood chips to the pulp shipment, our industrial steps are based on sustainability and advanced technology and innovation. With a potential annual production of 1,130,000 tons, our factory is increasingly investing in reliable and optimized processes in favor of safety, the environment and efficiency. Our waste recycling and water consumption rates, which are benchmarks in our industry, and the prime quality of our pulp are some evidence that we are on the right way.


Our pulp is made in Bahia to the world! After production, it is transported to our Belmonte Maritime Terminal (TMB). We have three barges that take our product to Portocel, in the state of Espírito Santo. Each barge can transport more than 7,000 tons of pulp, and 100% of our production is shipped through TMB, which means the removal of 380 trucks from the highways every 24 hours. This represents environmental, safety and competitiveness gains in our process!


Our management activities cover areas such as Human and Organizational Development, including safety, Information Technology, Legal, Communication and Corporate Relations, Social Responsibility, Environment, Supplies. They are also forestry and industrial activities that are carried out in the office. Taking care of our people, valuing our teams’ well-being and health is part of our way of working.


check out the opportunities currently available. click on the jobs for more information and registration.


we invest in your future

Our way of managing people!

Ciclo de Gente is the Veracel people management model which covers the entire process of Organizational Climate, Performance Management, Career, Succession and Development Actions across the entire company.

Based on the Climate and Engagement Survey carried out annually, we diagnose how leadership is exercised and how our employees live our policies. It provides analyzes that directly impact on results based on the vision that our people have about Veracel.

Valuing people,
developing talent!

It represents Veracel corporate education strategy and is responsible for training, qualification and development actions aimed at employees in Veracel value chain.

It promotes learning projects and actions, resulting from different types of interaction and capable of promoting identification, reorganization, development and application of knowledge, abilities and skills for business, work and life.

Education and Training

Partnership with professional training institutions to train people in our region.

At Veracel, we built OUR WAY, a manner of thinking and acting inside and outside the company. The Veracel Way is described and explained in detail in the Veracel Code of Conduct. The code is developed so that we can all know how to act in the different situations in our professional and personal life or who to turn to when we have questions about what may violate the Best Conduct practices accepted by Veracel.

Questions about Veracel Celulose?

After all, what is eucalyptus? What is pulp? How we plant eucalyptus and how does the Veracel factory work? What is Veracel Celulose purpose and values? What are our mission, vision and values? Who owns Veracel? These and other questions can be found on our FAQ page.