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The most frequently asked questions and the most comprehensive answers for your questions about the main concepts related to our operations.

What is eucalyptus?

A tree in the Myrtaceae family, eucalyptus is native of Oceania, where it is the dominant species in the local flora. With more than 700 species, being the majority of Australian origin, it adapts to virtually all climatic conditions. A curious fact related to the eucalyptus foliage is thatthese trees will not flower until the adult leaves appear.

A very interesting advantage is that eucalyptus retains less water, allowing water to reach the ground more quickly. In addition, it reduces evaporation into the atmosphere, unlike some native forests, whose treetops are denser. From eucalyptus, we can produce pulp: essential oils are extracted to produce cleaning products, food products, perfumes and medicines, as well as boards, beams, poles and more 5,000 wood and non-wood products.

What is pulp?

It is a substance (polysaccharide) found in most plants, having a fibrous nature and always located within plant cells. It is invisible to the naked eye, but it guarantees rigidity and firmness to the vegetables.

Pulp is a key element for paper production. Extracted from trees, it is used to produce certain types of plastics, varnishes, films, artificial silk and various chemical products. Brazil is one of the world’s largest producers of pulp derivatives from eucalyptus forests.

How does Veracel plant and manage forests?

The purpose of Veracel forestry management is to supply the industrial unit with high-quality and low-cost eucalyptus wood, guaranteeing the business’s economic viability while caring the socio-environmental aspects in its area of influence.

The company seeks:

  • To make land available to plant eucalyptus based on policies, guidelines and procedures of property purchase and lease.
  • Continuous improvement of genetics and soil nutrition conditions by developing an intense research program in forestry technology.
  • Achieving excellence in silviculture, roads, harvesting and transport operations by providing training and adopting improved techniques, procedures and resources in technical and environmental fronts.
  • Improving forest planning methodologies and tools in order to guarantee the rational use of land and forests.
  • Implementing the best environmental, social, health and safety practices at work in accordance with the guidelines established by the international agreements to which Brazil is a signatory (CITES, ILO, Convention on Biological Diversity, ITTA, Convention on Climate Change), by the Forestry Certification Agencies and the company’s strategic sustainability agenda.
  • Partnering with forestry producers as alternative wood suppliers.

How to become a Veracel business partner?

Veracel seeks to partner with forestry producers as alternative wood suppliers. To become a business partner, you have to own a rural environmentally regularized property in the municipalities of interest to Veracel and up-to-date land documentation.


The Aliança program’s business options include:

Land lease
Veracel leases its land for eucalyptus planting of. Based on a contract, all management activities, from planting to harvesting – are up to the company. You will receive a month or annual value, like a rent. The contract’s average term is 14 years.

Veracel encourages the eucalyptus planting in your land property, providing seedlings, financial help with guaranteed intermediate income, technical support and purchase of wood at the end of the agreement.

Wood purchase
Purchase of your eucalyptus production for those who want to cultivate eucalyptus with their own resources and technology, with guaranteed purchase of wood in a future period.

Land purchase
Potential buying of land if you want to engage yourself in another activity.


Become a Veracel partner by growing eucalyptus on your properties:

Check out the information here or contact us at (55-73)99818-9999.

How does a pulp mill work?

There are several production steps to extract pulp from eucalyptus wood and they are summarized as follows:


Harvest: It takes place where the wood is grown.

Chips: The second stage is related to the chips production. Logs are washed, chopped in pre-established size and sieved.

Cooking: During the cooking process, the dissociation of lignin occurs, and chips give rise to a brown paste.

Separation: Purification separates impurities in the wood from the chip parts that have not yet gone through the cooking process. Subsequently, a substance that joins the fiber cells (called lignin) is removed.

Bleaching: It aims to leave the cellulose in its natural color through chemical treatment.

Drying: Water is extracted from the cellulose. Continuous sheets is cut into smaller ones and packed in bales to be transported.

This entire process follows rigorous international socio-environmental standards.


What are Veracel purpose and values or what are Veracel mission, vision and values?

We translate our vision, mission and values into Veracel purpose of “Being responsible, inspiring people and valuing life”. And our people make this happen in their routine activities and in every decision.

A skilled, talented and engaged team imprints the Veracel Way on each fiber of our pulp.


Our culture’s pillars are:

Protection: Together, we take care of our safety to be stronger.

Relationship: Ethics and responsibility go hand in hand and guide our relationship with nature, communities and everything around us.

Inspiration: It turns the road to success into a virtuous cycle in which we are protagonists with a strong sense of belonging and making us better and better people.

Overcoming: The commitment to delivery, excellence and innovation drives our results beyond expectations.

Dialogue: Combining the ability to listen and discuss in the most diverse contexts guarantees us transparency and fair treatment.

Who “owns” Veracel Celulose?

Stora Enso (a Swedish-Finned company) and Suzano (a Brazilian company) are the two Veracel shareholders (investors).  Both companies hold 50% each and are market leaders, stating sustainability is a key part of their business strategies.

Stora Enso is a leading supplier of renewable products for packaging, biomaterials, wood and paper manufacturing, and one of the largest owners of private forests worldwide.

Suzano is a 100% Brazilian company and a global benchmark for the development of products made from eucalyptus planting, as well as one of the largest vertically integrated producers of paper and eucalyptus pulp in Latin America.