A better life for oneself and one’s family is a goal shared by everyone who undertakes a business or has a professional activity. Norms and laws seek to ensure that dignified working conditions and good practices protect commercial and labor relations. In a broader view, employment and income are the strength of a territory’s economy.


We want to use the Veracel’s economic to instigate a virtuous cycle in favor of 11 municipalities where we operate and contribute to sustainable development. We know that collective and coordinated efforts are required to establish solid and lasting foundations and thus fulfill our strategic journey to boost a balanced business environment with structuring actions.


The Sustainable Supply program is an initiative that aims to deliver to society a healthy and full production chain in compliance with legal requirements. Sustainability does not only apply to nature, but also to the maintenance of natural, business and social environments that do not deplete resources, but increase, encourage and develop them. We know we can go further and therefore our theory of change predicts long-term coordinated actions.

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At Veracel Celulose, we are driven by the purpose of being responsible, inspiring people and valuing life. We believe that, by doing so, we can achieve our aspiration of being the best investment option for our shareholders.

Therefore, the policy that guides our purchasing and contracting processes is based on the pursuit of business excellence and territorial development.

Our vision is to contribute to a strong, inclusive and resilient regional supply chain that improves the quality of life in our communities and increases our competitiveness.

Best sustainability practices for purchasing and contracting procedures and processes

Fewer barriers for SME suppliers

Potential suppliers trained in management and business development

Partnerships to generate real, structural and valuable opportunities for Veracel Celulose



Find out how Veracel Celulose has built the supplier development initiative. Based on listening and learning, we have understood how to positively impact the territory we are part of.



Each Veracel employee is a transformation agent in our way of purchasing services and products and interacting with our business partners. Making decisions or operating, we are responsible for implementing our Sustainable Supply program, inspiring people inside and outside the company to behave appropriately or to maintain dignified working conditions and healthy business relationships. By doing so, we value the lives we impact with our activities.

We, as Veracel employees, are the ones who will reach out to our suppliers and the entire community. The first step is to understand and even change our way of thinking about good labor practices, being part of efforts to eradicate child and slave labor. Believe you me, in the middle of the 21st century, this kind of work exists and is closer to us than we imagine.

With our attentive eyes, open minds and hearts available to others, we will be able to reap good fruits from a better and fairer life.



Guaranteeing human rights for children and young people is everyone’s responsibility. They are our present and future, and we all have a role in protecting caring them. In addition to the family, institutions and society as a whole must engage to prevent violence against children and adolescents from going unpunished. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), child labor, including sexual exploitation, is one of the causes and effects of poverty and lack of opportunities for the healthy development of children and adolescents.

For all these reasons, eliminating any sexual violence and child labor is a priority for ILO, Veracel and Childhood Brazil. We want to eradicate any potential sexual violence and child labor in our production and supply chain and help to put an end to this practice in Brazil and worldwide.


Management based on sustainability indicators is a competitive advantage these days. We want to be an inspiration and contribute to making good socio-environmental practices a reality for our suppliers – after all, shared values generate shared success. The development of our supply chain is a key step towards a new level of supply with a local and regional focus.


Full compliance with labor legislation is the least a company can provide. People who like what they do and trust the company they work for can impact the organization’s performance by up to 30%. We start by ensuring that there is dignified working conditions throughout our production chain. From there, continuous improvement can lead us to a future with happy, high-performing professionals.


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