Good Conduct

At Veracel, we have Our Way of thinking and behaving inside and outside the company. Our Way is described and explained in detail in the Veracel Code of Conduct. This code is developed so that we can all know how to act in different situations that our professional and personal life presents us with, or whom to turn to when we have questions about what may not be considered a Good Conduct by Veracel.

Welcome and we look forward to your help to make Our Way an even better way!

Risk Assessment

We analyze all events that may cause negative impacts and hinder the achievement of our goals.

Codes, Policies e Procedures

They are the formalization of attitudes we have in relation to our business.

Training and Comunication

We qualify our employees so that everyone understands our goals, rules and their roles in ensuring the program’s success.

Channels for Complaints and Internal Investigations

We investigate and respond to all reports of illegal and unethical behavior.

Third Party Assessment

We evaluate partners, representatives, resellers and other outsourced workers before, during and after contracting.

Internal Controls

Mechanisms to mitigate risks and ensure the accounting records are faithfully reflecting our business.

Internal Audit

Process to ensure that our pillars are working properly.

Code of Conduct is a synthesis of all the learning we have experienced combined with the most modern compliance concepts. Much more than a document, it is an instrument that best translates Our Way, explains the way we behave and indicates the conduct we expect from all employees and business partners.

Below are links to download the Veracel Code of Conduct (Portuguese and English) and the Code of Conduct for Veracel Suppliers. Download, read, discover and share these codes.

Hi! I’m EUKA!

I embody the Veracel Way of behaving and I am here to help everyone in our large family to know and follow our Code of Conduct and proceed ethically, always!

This is a space where we can talk and update ourselves on ethics, good practices and the Veracel Way of acting. Use it as much as you want!

Get ready, we will see each other a lot!

Now that you’ve met Euka, watch the video and see how to behave to become a champion in Good Conduct!


Our “Falando Sobre Boa Conduta” event was great! It was a very rich week when a lot of knowledge was shared and we reinforced our purpose of evolving our good practices as a company. We share below the speech of our CEO, Andreas Birmoser, during the event.

If you have witnessed a situation that does not comply with our Code of Conduct, talk about it to your manager or contact our Anonymous Communication Channels.